Landscaping & Interlock

Interlock pavers are a wonderful option to create a beautiful walkway or patio and enhance the landscape of your property. Kanata Stoneworks offers a variety of patterns, shapes and sizes of pavers to give your project the desired look.

Kanata Stoneworks professionals will review your project to determine what best suits your space and requirements. Together we will design your space based on functionality as well as consider style and layout. Our pavers are a high quality, durable product making them ideal for driveways, walkways, patios and outdoor areas.

There is nothing quite like a nice custom walkway to compliment an existing or new garden design. It can create contrast as well as a stable walk through or define a space. The shape or curve of the walkway defines the feel and prescribed use. Whether a straight walk is required as a directional option or a curved or windy walkway allowing for someone to take their time to admire the surroundings Kanata Stoneworks can deliver the required solution.

Kanata Stoneworks will create a stunning entryway to increase curb appeal and make the transition from the outdoors to indoors a safe and elegant one. A new entrance or walkway is one of the best investments in your property for everyday use and resale. You can rest assured that you will be adding both monetary and quality value to your property.

  • Interlock walkways
  • Backyard patios
  • Pool decks
  • Interlock driveways

Contact our professionals today about the options available in your space.  You will be surprised at what can be achieved.


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